Flooring Material

1. Frevini
Unique flooring made in the factory of Frevini Studio in Lithuania by experienced craftsmen offers premium quality, trendy shapes, colours.

2. Kährs
Kährs is a provider of flooring solutions for all rooms and occasions. In our portfolio you can find a wide range of high quality vinyl flooring range.

3. Mafi
mafi produces ecological and healthy living natural wood floors and is the international pioneer in sustainable and pollutant free wood flooring. All the floors are manufactured exclusively in Austria.

4. Mardegan Legno
Mardegan Legno is a Slavonian Oak pre-finished engineered timber floor product, hand-made by master craftsman in Europe. 12 surface preparations and 144 standard colours make almost endless possibilities.

5. Tilo
Tilo Flooring offers a wonderful selection of floors in the most popular colours and gradings. The exclusive Tilo surface Innovo oil combines the tangible organic feel of oiled surfaces with durability and ease of maintenance of varnish.


Flooring Materials