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Brand: Arpers

Arper is a fast-growing company born in 1989 which guided by an integrative, human-centered approach. They create chairs, tables and furnishings for house, hospitality and office, while merging aesthetics with high quality and performances.

Every part of the product development process—from design to production to long-term impact—is carefully considered, bringing function, aesthetic, detail together in elegant resolution. This is how collections like Catifa have come to life, a real best-seller for the brand available today in several versions, that has sold two million pieces at a global level and which production goes on unstopped.

Brand: B&C

For almost 125 years, B&C has been making rugs with a combination of passion, craftsmanship and sustainability. The love for beautiful yarns and their endless possibilities allows B&C to design and make the most unique and innovation rugs.

B&C is constantly looking for innovation. They work collaboratively with carefully selected producers from all over the world to develop new techniques and qualities. Apart from that, B&C work jointly with different brands to provide rugs with distinctive styles and personalities. From plain colour to floral pattern, innovation is reflected in the versatile collection of rugs for which B&C is renowned.

Brand: Frevini

The flooring is where art and parquet are joined as an important tool to determine the personality and style of the room. Frevini, as a flooring design studio in Lithuania, endeavours to stand out from the usual mass production and bring a piece of Mother Nature back into our modern homes.

Brand: Mardegan Legno

Mardegan Legno was born in Hungary with the love of wood. The love of being in the heart of the forests and breathing the same air where the best European wood is born and grows, Slavonian oak. Only experts in wood are employed and they apply their knowledge to transform it into parquet and superb quality facings.

Mardegan Legno strive to utilize their craftsmanship to their floors to bring out even the subtlest details of the wood. With 144 standard colours, 12 hand-crafted surface finishes and numerous sizes and patterns, the possibilities are almost endless.

Brand: Kahrs

Experience is the best innovator. With more than 160 years in the business, Kährs is one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of floors in the world.

Kährs offers a wide range of flooring materials which suit the demands of different public and commercial uses, including those with especially high safety requirements – such as schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities. In our flooring range you can find PVC-free luxury planks and tiles, contract sheets and quartz tiles.

Brand: mafi

What sets Mafi timbers apart from other timber products is the superior quality and structure of each timber floor board. Each board is hand crafted in Austria, passing through at least 44 sets of hands to assure a timber board with structural integrity and longevity. The symmetrical 3-layer construction, where the top and the back layers consist of the same wood type and the cross-lyed middle layer is made up with soft wood, provides excellent stability in Mafi’s planks. Renowned for its technology and innovation, Mafi transforms wood planks into 3D works of art that can be used as a design element for walls, ceilings and as flooring.

Brand: Wandsworth

Since 1904, Wandsworth Electrical have provided the most luxurious switches and sockets to global customers who demand only the best. Handcrafted in the UK, Wandsworth perfects their craftsmanship decade after decade to provide British quality that withstands the test of time.

Wandsworth have distilled their design ethos into our unique collections, a series of curated switches and sockets that each have unique design features.

With over 100 years of experience, unrivalled design distinction and a team that can handle projects ranging from domestic residences to global hospitality developments, Wandsworth Electrical are the leaders in luxury electrical accessories.

Brand: tilo

Founded as a joinery in Austria since 1950, today Tilo is an internationally successful family-owned business and still continuing their craftsmanship.

If you are a wood lover, then a true parquet floor is a dream to come true. Tilo parquet is a true wooden flooring that regulates the indoor climate by absorbing or releasing air humidity. With the Tilo Innovo NATUR oiled surfaces, the parquet is easy to maintain and the grains on the floor allow you to experience wonderful barefoot feeling and the life in the pleasant warmth of parquet.

Brand: Ritzwell

Ritzwell is a Japanese furniture brand and is involved in the whole process from design to manufacturing which is carried out entirely in Japan. Since its establishment in 1992, Ritzwell has continuously pursued the creation of high-quality pieces of furniture which are made from excellent materials and demonstrate superior craftsmanship.

Ritzwell strives to create artifacts with which the owner will develop a sense of attachment. For this reason, the craftsmanship is based on sophisticated and refined materials, timeless designs and a sense of unity between the creator and the future owner. Ritzwell’s ideal furniture has an unwearied design which stands the test of time and has a natural charm to which the customer forms a deep attachment.